About FoodPlanCNY

Starting in 2016, Food Plan CNY brought together diverse voices from across Onondaga County to tell the story of food. Food Plan CNY is collaboratively developed to assesses how we grow, distribute, consume, and dispose of food. The plan captures the strengths and aspirations of the county’s food system, and identifies steps to improve policies, programs, and individual actions that shape the way food moves from farm to plate.
We are a regional alliance of civil society organizations, scholars, and individuals working towards 3 goals:


Democratically develop a coordinated and systemic approach to address gaps and areas of improvements in the Central New York food system.


Produce specific recommendations to create a more socially just, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable food system.


Increase public awareness about the importance and impact of the regional food system.


This project is part of an ongoing effort to collaboratively develop a strategic plan for Onondaga County that includes food as a central organizing element. Our goal is to gather information from many different perspectives to create a snapshot of the CNY food system.  

Over 50 key food system actors were interviewed including farmers, public health experts, restaurateurs, and anti-hunger advocates. Information was analyzed to find trends, attitudes, and areas in need of improvement. The team is also holding a series of stakeholder meetings designed to foster transparency in the food planning process. Interviews and meetings will culminate in a print report detailing findings.

An intended outcome of the process is the creation of the Central New York Food System Council. The council is designed to continue to listen and address the needs of the community through open forums and regular monthly stakeholder meetings.