Everyone who eats is a consumer! Consuming is simply the purchasing or eating of food. Food may be purchased directly from producers, retailers, institutions or restaurants. Purchases require access to markets, available resources to acquire food, and culturally appropriate options. Food may also be grown in containers, backyards, community gardens, or foraged from wild areas. Food that is not consumed goes into the waste stream to be either composted, buried in a landfill, or burned in an incinerator.

Eating Regionally

There are consumers for all types of different foods. Some consumers in Onondaga County eat foods from particular ethnic backgrounds, others prefer regionally produced foods, or choose vegetarian diets. All dietary preferences can be served, but some people are limited by lack of financial resources or access to markets. Creating a healthy food system means that all consumers have access to affordable, healthy and culturally appropriate foods.

People are right to want more transparency in the food system. And local is good. If we can do more to support products staying local, going into schools and such, that’s a good thing.

Farmer, Fabius, NY