Food processing transforms raw ingredients into products for consumers. Many of the foods we consume have been processed in some way. During processing, food is changed in order to simply make it edible, to enhance flavor, make it last longer, or to create new products. Processing means we can eat foods at times or in places where it might not otherwise be available. It also adds monetary value to the to the raw ingredient. Processing may include drying, cooking, freezing, canning, or adding preservatives. Common types of processing include: cheese making, yogurt production, canning and preserving fruit (e.g., jam and jelly), pressing apples for juice, wine and beer making, and preparing tomato sauce.   

Milk & Other Dairy Products:


Food Made in Onondaga County

Onondaga County has a rich diversity of food processing to match the many types of production in the area. In the 1900’s there was a vast network of sauerkraut fermenters processing cabbage grown in the county’s well-drained soils. Historically, the City of Syracuse was home to a large number of breweries. Today, while dairy processing is the largest food industry in the region, fruit, grains, dairy, meat, and vegetables are processed by XXX companies all across the county.

It was a major financial undertaking for us. A big financial leap. A lot of equipment involved and a lot of inspections.

Farmer and Processor, Jordan, NY